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Borovets Winter Bike Duel 2012

Borovets Winter Bike Duel 2012


For the second year, Borovets will host a unique mountain bike race in the snow, the Borovets Winter Bike Duel. The date of the event is March 17th at the Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

This race course will be built days before race day on the grounds in front of the Rila Hotel. The Duel arena will be filled with a selection of kickers, big jumps and other challenging obstacles, and will allow two racers at a time with the winners will be determined by direct elimination. Participants will be divided into three categories – Junior 15-17; Men 18 + and Women 15 +.

After last year’s success, which attracted nearly 70 participants, this year organizers Concept Creative expect the number of competitors to surpass 100.

Every year mountain biking is increasing in popularity in Bulgaria, as more people start biking and love the mountain trails. With it having the biggest park and variety of conditions for mountain biking in Bulgaria, Borovets Mountain Bike Park offers excellent terrain for initial training and specialized routes for the more advanced. All participants of this sport in this country are eagerly awaiting the opening of the summer park with a selection that will be full of surprises for the new year.

This years race will be held in the evening and will be a major attraction for tourists to the resort. The start will be at 16:00 and the finals will be at night.

All who wish to participate will be able to express their interest by emailing: before March 15th. All competitors are required to have valid insurance and all necessary protective equipment. Minors can participate with permission of a parent and special declaration. With an abundance of snow, a great atmosphere and emotions of snow duel – what better proposal for the Sabbath day?

For more information, email:

Borovets Winter Bike Duel 2012 Schedule:

17th March 2012.
12:00 to 15:00 – Registration for the race and getting acquainted with the route
16:00 – Showing lots starting
16:30 – Start of direct elimination
18:30 – End of the first part of elemination
18:40 – Start of the second part of the knockout
19:40 – End of second part of the knockout
19:50 – Start of the third part of the knockout
20:40 – End of the third part of the knockout
20:40 – Repair course
21:00 – Start of the fourth part of the knockout
21:30 – End of the fourth part of the knockout
21:40 – Final
22:00 – Awards

Possible changes in the program may occur due to reasons beyond the organizers control.

18th March 2012 – Reserve day for the competition if postponed due to bad weather and beyond the organizers control.

Fee for pre-enrollment - 20 BGN

Fee for registration of a place - 35 BGN